About us

Zeecom is focused on providing top class IT and Office equipment products and services.

Historically, Africa has lagged behind the rest of the world in all spheres, but more especially in the Information Technology arena. For African countries to take their rightful place in the global economy, greater focus needs to be placed on growth through development and advancement of information technology.

If you need anything done right, professionally with a warm and interactive engagement, pay us a visit we will surpass your expectations. This is just who we are, “our customers are people, not computers” is a motto that drives us daily.

It is against this backround that Zeecom was established in 2006, to address gaps that exist in Information Technology in Lesotho, and within the region, through the provision of I.T and Office Equipment products and services.

Zeecom is dedicated to providing products and services that enable our clients to do their business more efficiently and effectively. Through commitment to growth of our client’s business  we are determined to become a leader in the IT and Office Equipment sector, with primary focus on system support, short term training in information technology, Graphic Designing, Hardware/software repair and supply, general I.T office equipment and System and Web development.