Zeecom has been in the business of professional network cabling for 3 years and we understand that flexibility is just as important as precision. We recognize the shifting goals and budgets of large-scale operations. We work hand-in-hand with Network Engineers, Master Electricians, IT infrastructure design teams, and Vendors to constantly find the right solution for the inevitable curve ball thrown by management. We have helped clients juggle the changing demands of location, budget, timeline, personnel, and technology. Building to Building, Office to house.

We Supply:

·        Routers
·        ADSL Routers
·        Switches – HUB’s
·        Server cabinets
·        Wireless products
·        Serial switches
·        VOIP Products
·        CCTV

Supplies category-leading unified communications, network infrastructure, security solutions, we provide the connectivity basis for any infrastructure to operate on. In conjunction with the products and solutions, we have a superior delivery capability. This area also offers much specialised consulting services with regard to troubleshooting, network redesign and protocol analysis.