Cloud backup important files If you’re working on a critical paper for school, work, or any other major project, make sure you are backing up the file not just locally. You can use services like DropboxGoogle Drive, or any of the other popular cloud storage solution which will do the legwork for you on the background. Of course, you can also throw the files on a flash drive or external HDD just to be safe but backing up to the cloud can be done seamlessly which is twice the advantage.

Just so you know, technicians spend most of their time making sure data is not lost, or recovering data. If the right caution is exercised in keeping information safe by computers users then you are sure not going to need a technician any time soon.

Reduce the number of programs running at startup If your PC is taking too long to boot and it runs slowly afterwards, it’s probably because you have far too many programs running at startup. Reducing this is easy, it will make your PC launch noticeably faster and lighter upon first load.

To change the items running at startup, go to Run using the hotkey Windows key + R, and type “msconfig.” A small window will appear (see the screenshot above), select the Startup tab. From here you will be able to turn off many startup programs, which can shave several seconds (or minutes) off your boot time. (Note Windows 8 has moved this functionality to the Task Manager). Try to make sure you research what you are turning off as some processes might be needed by third party programs or drivers you have installed.

Reduce Slugishness To maintain reasonable speeds of your PC go to Services Tab and check ‘Hide all Microsoft Services’ and then hunt for services that you do not need, again make sure you have researched well about a service and what the PC uses it for.

Their competition will never end, from one enticing product to the other, from one network problem to the other, but here is the big question we never address in detail? What does it mean to say one network is cheaper than the other? Could it be that cost is determined or influenced by calling habits? Here is our approach at Zeecom Mobiles & Computers,

We believe the next best thing is to sign up with a carrier that the majority of your friends and family use. Most carriers offer free in-network calling and texting to other subscribers on their network. If the majority of the people you keep in touch with all use a certain carrier, you could save some bugs by joining them and opting for a smaller bundle of voice minutes or text messages. The same goes for a business environment, if you have your statistics and research straight then you certainly know where your customers are and what carrier they are mostly concentrated in.