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Don’t Buy Second Hand Laptops, its Not Worth It

Students fall prey to second hand laptops as they start a new academic year. Other than second hand laptops, they are sold laptops by people or companies that cannot offer them proper support. Zeecom is here to help, even if you dont buy yours from Zeecom, but please don’t fall prey.


In a Sealed Box      

Always make sure you are the one who opens your laptop box, don’t find it opened. Otherwise you will not know whether its warranty is still in tact. This is not something the seller has to tell you, it is something you have to see for yourself and verify. When i buy a cellphone, i always make sure i get the one in a sealed box, when i buy anything that i am going to eat with my mouth, i always make sure it is sealed in its original container, and this keeps me safe. It is a similar thing with a laptop, you can never guarantee your safety if you purchase one in an opened box.

Warranty Seal

Every brand new laptop comes sealed in its original box, the purpose of the seal is to warrant originality of the contents of that box, if it has been tempered with, there is no way you can consider yourself safe. This is the reason manufacturers caution in writing that you should not accept that device if the warranty seal has been tampered with. Do not purchase a laptop whose warranty seal is broken is our cry from Zeecom. Additionally, every new laptop carries a warranty of one year, if they offer you less than one year of warranty it is because they know that the machine is not in its original state. So be extra careful.

Serial Number

Every laptop has a serial number, it is more like its identity number, it is unique, it cannot be altered on the laptop. To help you identify if the laptop is in its original box, the serial on the machine and one on the box have to correspond. If it is not the same, that box does not belong to that laptop. Always double check after opening the box if the serial number on the machine is the same as the one on the box. If it isnt, run for your life.

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