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How to Transfer to us

Why Zeecom (The New .ls Domain Registrar)

Manage your domain from your computer, change ownership, updates servers information, protect identity, manage dns, see all your domains in one portal, renew domains automatically, receive invoices, download past invoices, order/register new domains instantly from your own computer is a summary of automated, efficient services at Zeecom.

First of all Contact your existing registrar.

Email/Call/or Visit your existing registrar and request for EPP code (a code used to release a registered domain to a different registrar)

Use our Website to complete the Easy Transfer Process

Domain Trasfer Image

Go to our interactive website and click on transfer a domain to us. If you use a mobile phone, click on the three lines menu button at the top right corner of your screen. and navigate to domains and select transfer domain.

Type in the .ls domain name you need to transfer to us and click transfer.

Remember it has to be an already existing domain.

Epp code image

Insert the EPP code you were given by your current Registrar and click continue.

Customer details image

Enter all your details for your new account. This is what we will identify you with and all our correspondence with you will be through these details. If you are an existing client, use the other tab (Existing Customer) to login.

Payment method image

If you are paying through EFT please select mail in payment then mail us proof. If you use paypal or other debit cards, please select appropriately then accept the terms of service checkout to pay.

Immediately you will be able to access your client portal and see your all your products with us and manage those your can manage, or log a support request instantly.

We will then do the rest on our side.