How to buy a laptop


A large number of students have fallen prey to sell and disappear mushroom companies. These are very dangerous as they leave you with no support nor any warranty on your newly purchased and valuable piece of equipment. Here are a few guidelines to help you avoid this sad situation.

  1. Only buy from legally registered companies, preferably from their premises.
  2. Make sure the laptop is in a box and sealed before you open it
  3. Make sure it has a minimum of 1 year warranty
  4. Make sure you are given a valid company receipt/invoice that indicates the correct details including the serial number.
  5. Make sure you power the laptop and make sure it functions properly before you leave

Every new computer has to come in a sealed box, This is principle number one. The box has to reflect the same serial number reflected at the back of the laptop. If you fail to protect yourself with this basic and simple you will find you have actually spent more in your attempt to save more.

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